Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm baaaack!

Hello! It has been a long while since I have posted anything to a blog. I have a second one, called Cassie's Sweet Creations, but I feel like since it's been so long, I have out grown it. It was time for a new one!

So, since I last posted, which was in 2010, I have pretty much fully recovered from my busted knee. I consider it a dancing battle wound. I am still married, to the same guy, and we now have two dogs: one is a Chihuahua named Buttercup, and the other is a Miniature Australian Shepard named Trixie.

The orange thing in Buttercup's mouth is a dehydrated sweet potato. She wanted to make sure Trixie didn't get a hold of it. Ha ha!

In the last year, it has been a goal of mine to become healthier, and by healthier, I mean lose weight. A lot of girls won't do this, but I'm pretty much an open book: the biggest I have ever been was 228 (I'm 5'3"), and that to me is ridiculous. My goal for a long time was to get under 200 lbs, and I had no idea how I was going to get the motivation to change it. Last June, I started working out. It was awesome, not only was I noticing a difference in my body weight, but other things. For example: I used to hate getting up in the middle of the night to pee, when I got back my breathing was heavy, and I had to settle back down. Now that I've been doing exercising to get my heart rate up, it handles that stuff a little better. I no longer have to wait to fall back asleep. Since June, 2012, I have gotten down to 185 lbs. I can't believe the transformation that has happened, and I hope I never go back to what I was. Here recently, my gym closed. UGH. So, I'm in the market to find a new one, the one I'm looking at going to is Planet Fitness. I'm nervous to go to that gym because it is waaayyyy more popular than my old gym. I like to do my thing, and leave. I don't want to feel like I have to compete with anyone. I guess it's all in my head and I need to sort that stuff out.

In beauty news, I recently signed up to be a Julep Maven. It's essentially a monthly beauty box, and it's $19.95 or $19.99 a month. I can't remember which... BUT it has free shipping, and you get three full-sized products every month along with a surprise sample. They are focused around nail care, and a majority of the stuff they send is nail polish. Normally, each polish is $14.00, if you aren't a maven. I got two different colors, and an essential oil for my cuticles. I LOVE THE OIL! I put it on, and in one day I could see a difference.

This stuff is amazing, and I recommend it to EVERYONE! AHHHHH!! Amazingness

I'm sorry about the kind-of-long post, but it's been a while. I have even more things to share, but I'll wait for another day. Happy 4th of July!! Be safe!

Much love,

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